Here's my newly painted sparkly 3D gallery... best enjoyed in a comfy chair with a piping hot coffee and a yummy slice of cake. Are you sitting comfortably? Then head on in. 

I will need six to ten paintings from my current unit for my next university assessment so will mark them as not for sale, however you can reserve them for a 10% deposit.

Prices range from £10 for a small oil painting of a Kit Kat wrapper that I did in my 1st year up to £300 for a recent larger abstract oil on canvas... most are £150 to £250. Please feel free to make me an offer. I'm still feeling my way price wise... and the whole point is for them to hang in somebody's home, so if a small reduction would make a difference I'd rather know about it. 

Package and posting is £20, unless it's a very small painting or on paper. It can cost more if I have to buy the packaging but that will definitely cover postage and seems a fair compromise. They're free to collect from my studio in Cambridge.