Crit group

I just read the notes on Crit groups left by Emma Drye in the resources section:

Peer Led studio critiquesThis slideshow lays out some formats for the studio crit and proposes a model for painting. Also included in this resource are two extracts from James Elkins to get you thinking and a worksheet you can use or amend to suit yourselves. Please remember to behave respectfully in all peer led crit situations. Models of Group Critique.pptx James Elkins 1.pdf James Elkins 2.pdf painting and drawing peer led studio critique guide (worksheet).docx

Copy and paste from BA (Hons) Painting ‘Resources Page’

I found this exciting and revelatory, I have no previous experience of Crit groups or how much of an academic teaching tool it is. Especially revealing was James Elkin’s essays on the stages of academic critiques (initial judgement/analysis/change of viewpoint), a transcribed session with his notes, and how this compares to life outside academia.

In response I am forming: ‘A’ Exploring Media Crit Group.

I will structure this as 15 minutes for each person, max 6… so 1.5 to 2 hours… blind initial response… student response… discussion and questions… and using a timer so we don’t bleed time.

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