Personal Project: Part 2: Plan (for 45 hours)

1. Research: 10 hours

As my starting point I’m going to look at the work of Gillian Ayres. I found a cutting about her in an old R.A. magazine…

Antony and Cleopatra, 1982

… and she worked in a similar way to me and produced similar work.

I will then try and find another four artists that work in a similar way.

2. Technical/material experimentation: 10 hours

This will involve researching new materials and how artists use them, and working out what materials I want to use and how.

3. Three paintings of my own: 25 hours

I won’t know yet what or how I’m going to approach these paintings, especially as I’m not going to be painting anything in reality or conjured by my conscious brain, nor is this an action painting as itb is deeply considered.

I have read a little about psychoanalytical art in (Foster, H. et al. (2011) Art Since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism. (s.l.): Thames & Hudson.) and would like my painting to give pleasure by resolving a subconscious ‘dilemma’. The book identifies three types of psychoanalytic art.

Art that interrogates the artist’s personal psychology, which it deems too personal; art which addresses the generality of psychological processes, which it categorises as too general; and art which Goldilocks like addresses the semiotics of the subconscious (in my case shapes and colours) and is just right. The text says such art gives pleasure by resolving a displaced psychological anxiety by making it exterior and resolving it in art… I’m not sure how shapes and colours can do that so need to read more.

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