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The Meta Space Gallery is proud to announce the 2023 show which showcases artists best works from the year 2023! Curated by Joshua Obara Norwood FROM 1st December – 31st December 2023!

Grab a coffee and check out this online Christmas exhibition with 22 emerging artists.

A huge variety and something for everybody... their best work of 2023. The curator opened the gallery to promote upcoming talent and give them a window to the world. The criteria were that he liked your work and you hadn't had lots of physical gallery exposure. I'm in the line up but see what else is on show. Please share the show on your social media if you know anybody who might enjoy browsing some new art.

I would be interested to hear what you think of the show and other artists... just drop me a line in the comments section. It would be good to have some art chats!!!!

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