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Art on Merchandise

I was recently asked to put one of my abstract paintings on a jigsaw for friend on Facebook who was laid up and wanted some mental stimulation... he loved it and his wife ended up mounting it and putting it up on the wall!

This got me thinking that if 'dressing' products with my art gives people pleasure and doesn't detract from my painting, then... why not? It is in part a political act in as far as I want to share my art as widely as possible. My paintings are not designed for the merchandise... they just happen to work very well on all the products on Redbubble. A bit like a bespoke, bohemian, edgy, indie designer brand???

My uni had reservations but I argued that I am addressing the reality of earning a living with a new practice... and it democratises my art. I agreed that if (and when???) my art is regularly selling for over £1000 and/or a large gallery is interested I will re-assess merchandise. But for the moment I am uploading all my new paintings onto Redbubble. They really do have lots of great products! 


Just to be upfront I get 20% of whatever you pay for then product which helps pay for materials.

The newer paintings don't have any wall art for sale as I am selling prints on here and through my Etsy shop 'PaulButterworthArt'... but I am selling prints and posters for my older paintings. 


Here's a couple of examples below... an A-Line dress and a cat Pet Mat. 

To have a look my Redbubble shop and explore all the great designs click here... 'YorkshireLad'.

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 15.51.33.png
Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 10.33.31.png
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