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Paul Butterworth Artist

Born in Epsom in 1956 and brought up in Yorkshire I now work from my home studio in Cambridge. I'm a professional actor, Barry in the Full Monty to Richard in Allelelujah starring Judi Dench (released 17th Feb 2023), and a second term  graduating year BA (Hons) Painting student at the University for the Creative Arts/Open College of the Arts. 

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Artist Statement

A friend said recently, “My painting is like a slow Pollock”.


I like that as it’s simple… an ‘arty’ explanation would say that I am concerned with creating new images of thought and imagination that play in the space between the conscious and the subconscious where the painting is a pattern of my subconscious projected onto the canvas.


Half of me is acting with colour, lost in the moment, with no set idea of image in mind, consumed by a subconscious improvisational dialogue of colours, gestures, memories, feelings, and emotions. The other is a ‘trained’ artist composing a poetic whole. These two states are simultaneous so that when I’m painting I’m in a liminal space between autonomic mark making and editing. 


My work fuses surrealism with a rules-based system. I hope to create aesthetic objects that are on the edge of producing poetic and musical meaning, but ultimately leave that meaning in the eyes of the viewer.

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I See You in a Fast Cut World copy.jpeg

I See You in a Fast Cut World, Golden Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in, November 2022