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A geometric abstract painting in primary colours called, Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams, SoFlat Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 60 cm, 2023

Paul Butterworth artist is a film/TV actor and abstract painter.


He trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London 1974 to 1977, graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 1988 with a BA in History and English, and completed his BA Hons Painting, University for the Creative Arts in October 2023. He graduates on January 19 2024.  


Paul has had a passion for art since taking Art at night school alongside his Science A levels. As a young actor he sold paintings of local beauty spots, and has always painted as a hobby. In 2015 he decided to train professionally and become an actor who paints.

You may have seen Paul Butterworth as Barry in 'The Full Monty' film or more recently as Richard in Richard Eyre's 2023 feature film 'Allelujah'. Click on these links to learn more: IMBD profile,  Spotlight Page, and showreel on Vimeo.

Artist's Statement

I paint to connect and see my paintings as emotional and subconscious films which go out into the world to entertain people. Many viewers tell me that my paintings are joyous and make them happy, others see objects, for some they are colour machines, and yet others are lost in the moment. I am very happy however people enjoy my work.

I see my process in terms of film where my shapes are my ‘script’ and are drawn directly onto the canvas without any thoughts of colour. I then cast my actors (my colours) and direct my drama… the drama of colours. I am the writer, director, and producer.

My palette is composed of primary saturated flat colours (SoFlat Golden Acrylic) because I see colour as a material in its own right not a tool for describing the world, and at times it feels as if I am sculpting colour rather than painting on a flat surface.

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