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Paul Butterworth in his Cambridge studio in November 2022.

Whisper of the Ancients, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 61 cm, 2023

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About the Artist

I am a professional abstract artist and TV/film actor based in Cambridge. 


Born in 1956 I was brought up in Yorkshire a few miles south of Leeds, and spent many years in the Dales. After playing Barry in the Full Monty I moved to Cambridge.


I have my degree show for the University for the Creative Arts/Open College of the Arts BA Hons Painting at the Cambridge Artspace 11th to 13th August 2023 and am due to graduate in January 2024.


I want my paintings to connect and entertain... to chat to all the people now and in the future I'll never be able to sit down and have a good natter with.

I start my paintings by looking at the blank canvas until a colour and shape "pop" into my head. I don't have a plan or any ideas, and am not painting an external image, thought, or emotion. It's like hanging out with the canvas and having a conversation... the colours ask me a question and I answer it, and then this new colour asks me a new question, and I carry on adding layers until we've finished chatting.

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