I am a 3rd year BA (Hons) Painting student studying at the University for the Creative Arts - Open College of the Arts campus (the OCA is the UCA's distance learning/part time campus). 


Covid at Work, oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm, 2021

My practice is developing as I specialise in colour and abstraction during my final year.


I experience colour as a material so that painting isn't applying an illusory surface to the picture plane but sculpting colour in the air.   

I was listening to jazz when somebody asked me to explain my practice. It struck me that what I wanted to paint was the same engagement with the canvas as I had just had with the music. Not to copy music, as the languages are different, but to create something you can connect to, lose yourself in, and be moved by. 

My painting tries to capture the moments when we lose ourselves, no longer alone looking out at the world but part of it. For me this is either a communion with nature and relates to the colour field abstraction of artists like Rothko, or when I lose myself in acting (when I'm playing a character I turn myself self off and live in the moment) which draws me to the gestural abstraction of de Kooning. 

I use oil paint because it is slow drying and allows an infinite number of changes. It also suits my evolutionary process of looking, leaving, layering and revealing. A piece is finished when it lives in its own right and I can't help it anymore.

I'm also a TV/film actor and painting flexes the same creative muscles. Here are some links to my other world: showreel, IMDB page, Spotlight, and acting website.

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I play Richard in the feature film 'Allelujah' starring Judi Dench - click above for details.